NSPI – Point Aconi Generating Station, Cell 5 Construction


Construction of new flyash waste cell including 230,000 m3 of mass excavation, 50,000 m3 of low permeable fill supply and placement, 200,000 m2 of geotextile supply and placement, 90,000 m2 of HDPE liner supply and installation and supply and placement of 80,000 tonne of various aggregates.

PWGSC – Summit Mine Site Remediation

Work included excavating and placing 60,000m3 of waste rock, fine grading 380,000 m2 of waste rock, installing 380,000m2 of both geotextile and HDPE liners and then covering the liners with 600mm of fill. The area was then mulched and hydraulically seeded. We also built approximately 1 km of access roads and installed over 2km of rock barrier with 2-4 tonne armour stone.

ECBC - New Victoria Mine Water Treatment Plant Phase II


Construction of passive mine water treatment system including a reedbed, settling pong and landfill for waste generated from active mine water treatment. The project consisted of supply and placing 33,500 m2 of Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL), clearing, grubbing, mass excavation and embankment common and rock.

NSPI – Point Aconi Cell 3 Capping

2015 to 2016

Construct permeant soil cap consisting of grading existing flyash, 70,000 m3 of excavation, capping with 53,000 m3 of low permeable fill, placement of 94,000 m2 of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), 95,000 m2 of geotextile, 30,000 tonne of clear stone in a protective granular layer, cover soil and vegetation.

NSPI – Point Aconi Residue Management Site Cell 4, Stage 2 Low Permeability Liner

2014 to 2015

Construct Cell 4 stage 2 residual ash cell complete with 60,000 m2 of HDPE liner, 180,000 m2 of geotextile, 38,500 m3 of low permeability fill, and supply and placement of 70,000 tonne of aggregate placed as drainage stone layer and travel layer.

PWGSC – Clyburn Brook Bridge Replacement


Replaced the existing concrete bridge with a new steel structure bridge.  Road realignment, upgrades to day use areas, as well as the relocation of an existing golf cart bridge were also included in this project.